Friday, July 19, 2013

Soil Analyses

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Here are the analytical results for three soil samples taken at Eklund Garden. One was taken in the main bed, one back by the Wild Ginger, and another in the Marble Bed, which has plants requiring a higher pH.  I was concerned the pH might not be high enough in the latter bed, but discovered it was fine, but the nearby Ginger bed is too neutral. The main bed also needs some lime. 

The beds could also use more fertilizer, but the surprise was the high phosphorus level in the two back beds. I suspect the leaf compost I've been adding is the source of that, since those beds had a LOT of compost added last fall. Those beds also had "very high" levels of organic matter. The plants there have been doing much, much better this year due to the addition of the compost.

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