Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Frog Migration

This Wood Frog was on Oak Valley Road heading for the Eklund vernal pool to breed. She's fat with eggs. If you visit the garden in the spring you may hear lots of "quacking" from these frogs. They lay their eggs in the pool below the garden, along with the big Spotted Salamanders. Wood Frogs will only lay their eggs in special Vernal Pools like the one at Eklund. After the breeding season they return to the forest where they live. We find them hopping around in the garden.

The frogs and salamanders migrate on rainy nights as early in the spring as possible. If the snow melt is followed by a prolonged warm, dry spell, there will be a very busy migration as soon as rain and darkness coincide. Those were the conditions in 2010. In the photo above you can see three Wood Frogs on Oak Valley Road. There were actually about 15 frogs total along a stretch of road maybe 150 feet long.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Signs of Spring

It's just early March, yet the Jacob's Ladder looks ready to take off.

The Bearberry looks great! Last year we lost most of our Bearberry due to the deer.

Here's part of the Eagle Scout project by Thomas Keegan and company last fall: newly repaired steps.

And here's the new kiosk they built. People will be able to reference the kiosk to find out more about the plants they see.