Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Volunteers Terry Gallagher, Rich Skudlarek, and Bill Dyer joined forces to drop the second half of an oak tree today. The trunk that was leaning over the deer fence so care needed to be taken so as not to destroy the fence.
Richard rigged up a rope to pull it away from the fence while Terry worked the chain saw. Bill was maintaining a safe distance and getting pictures.

After dropping the tree they sawed it up and stacked the logs. Looks like the double trunk was somewhat hollow...maybe it would make a good planter.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tracks Around the Deer Fence

The snow cover provides ready evidence that the deer fence is working. The deer -- as well as other assorted creatures -- are walking up to the fence, milling about, then going around.

Besides deer tracks, we have raccoon:

and what may be a weasel:

and squirrels:
A post from the "In the Field" blog last year, before the fence was installed, showed a highway of deer and coyote going right through the garden.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Creating More Sunlight

Last summer a twin-oak on the hill above Eklund Garden shaded out the butterfly bed in the morning, so today Terry and Ryan Gallagher headed out to cut it down. The frozen garden and blanket of snow served to protect the flower beds from the falling tree.

They were only able to remove half of the tree, since the other half was hanging over the deer fence. The other half and a few of the smaller trees nearby still need to be removed. This will give the butterfly garden another hour or so of sun.

Ryan didn't actually get to use the chain saw.