Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Clean-Up 2011

We had a great turnout for our annual spring clean-up at Eklund Garden! That means more leaves were cleared out than last year, and some odd jobs were done as well. Volunteers included several members of Boy Scout Troop 28, some trail volunteers, and a few others (listed at the bottom of the post). We've learned to move the leaves starting from the top and moving down, as you can see the Scouts doing in the photo above.

This is the delicate part - getting leaves out of the cactii. BBQ tongs help! By the way, the cacti always look like this is the spring. They will perk up.

There were a LOT of oak leaves. And acorns. Tons of acorns. Perhaps because the deer can't get in there to eat them?

One of our Scouts worked at removing the little dagger sapling stumps left over from when the slope was cleared out a few years ago. They keep tripping people and catching on the tarp.

Several Trails Committee members stopped by to lend a hand. Richard was cutting the scraggly mountain laurel out front so it will regenerate and look much more attractive. He also blew leaves and repaired the deer fence.

The Scouts worked hard all day. Five full hours!

All the hard work paid off. Eklund Garden looks wonderful! (Click the photo to enlarge).

Our volunteers were:
Boy Scout Troop 28 (Brett Butler, Billings White, Christian Garaa, Gabriel Aponte, Alex Merdinger), Teresa Gallagher, Richard Skudlarek, Nancy Aponte, Kelly Walsh, Bridget Kelly, Lynn Reid, Terrance Gallagher, and Emma Gallagher. Thank you everyone!