Wish List

Here's my wish list of projects for Eklund Garden, updated April 2013.  Can you help?  Email me at conservation@cityofshelton.org. 

Repair the kiosk

 Remove this old electrical conduit protruding from the ground

Restore the old stone bench near the goldfish pond. See close up below.

The bench seat is that big long irregular slab of rock next to the bench feet.

Chip up piles of dead wood at entryway

Additional items: 

* Turn the unplanted central slope into a garden bed. This is the large area that is all weedy. Loads of leaf compost can be dropped off by the city.  The compost would need to be spread and tilled into the very rocky/clay soil. For the creative types, there is also the potential for terraces or even a structure such as a kiosk.

* Adopt a garden bed. Make it your own. Add plants, move them around, whatever you want. Are you a nursery or gardening business?  You can put your name on a sign in your garden bed.  Great for a resume if you are in gardening or a college student studying related fields like biology, environmental science, or horticulture.

*Gate improvements. Make them more convenient to open and close.

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